Father of the Year Moment #225: I Only Have Two Hands, Dammit!:

I am chilling at home, sick. I am accompanied by my one year-old who is also sick and super-duper-clingy.

We both have fallen into a vicious cycle:

He falls asleep in my arms for over an hour, I put him down in his crib so I can live my life, he wakes up as soon as I put him down and is violently pissed off for 20 minutes, then we go back to the rocking chair where falls back asleep in my arms.

Sweet. Baby Black. Jesus. Help me!

So I decide, like many parents before me, to forgo my needs for the child. Sweet, sweet, child.

Except – I have to pee.

Well, Shit.

I am not going to go into details but… Go ahead, ask me how strong you have to be in order to cradle a sleeping 30-pound one year-old in one arm, while playing commode Battleship with the other??!!

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