“Kid Shows Suck” or “When I was your age…”

Allow me to rant a bit:

Kids don’t know a good cartoon if it bit them in the ass. Give me a cartoon that has a full, all-out music video for its intro, such as Silverhawks, Thundercats, Go Bots, GI Joe Transformers – shit, I’ll take Jem and the Holograms. Those intros were damn near a fourth of the show in themselves. You knew it would be the best 7 minutes of entertainment ever.

Also, why is it that there isn’t lesson at the end of the cartoons. How in the Hell are any of these kids gonna learn not to play with matches when there isn’t “One to Grow On”, “Learning is Half the Battle”, or “The More You Know” to tell them fire is hot? Shit!

I sat back with my daughter and watched a Max and Ruby marathon and I wanted to pour hot sauce in my eyes. First of all, Ruby is a know-it-all jerk. She never lets her brother Max do anything fun because she has to be all “prim and proper”. So Max (also a jerk, but warrented), continuously plans (and succeeds) to ruin his big sister’s “mature” events. All while their parents… Oh wait, they are living by themselves!

Whose kids are these! Seriously!

In general, why is it that the shows that actually taught us things died out? Sesame Street turned from an educational beacon in the working class socioeconomic community  to… Elmo’s World; School House Rock has faded out of the social conscieness; Lavar Burton became Geordi La Forge (awsome character, btw) and the Reading Rainbow faded.

There were a large number of shows that took responsibility for the content that was placed in front of us. Educational consultants were the norm and we never even noticed them in the end credits. Dr. Donald F. Roberts – I am not sure what you are doing right now, but we need you!




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