Father of the Year Moment 701: Learning Curve – What I learned at my daughter’s first swim meet:

1. The closer you sit to the pool, the more of a chance that you will get wet.

2. Bring two of everything.

3. It is hot as Hell in there, but you might sit under the AC; Wear layers.

4. Swimmers writing on themselves with permanent marker is an approved thing.

5. There is never enough seating. Ever.

6. Bring extra belongings to mark your possible territory.

7. It takes a special person (jury is out on sanity) to swim in an individual medley; my daughter did; I also question her sanity.

8. My kid is still a competitor. She did not want to do this meet, but did 5 events and gave each one her best shot.

W_ Olympians
A pic with Olympians and their medals.

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