Is This Fighting Really Worth It?

The difference between a moment and a movement is sacrifice, and sacrifice comes in many forms (never to be confused with the ultimate sacrifice, which many people in uniform risk).

Kap sacrifices his career, he doesn’t get to protest for free. The NFL may or may not have sacrificed fans – people can chose whether to buy tickets or not. Nike may or may not have sacrificed consumers with this campaign – buy gear, burn gear, whatever.

But we (speaking in general) may have missed the point.

Isn’t it awesome that we can boycott with our dollars, make movement with our votes, and have dialogue with others without fear.

You’re not going to buy Nike, cool, we’re still friends.

We have differing opinions on politics, okay, but it is still your set.

When we as a society start chastising people for their differences in opinion, we all lose.

Group think is not a good thing.

I think that is where we are at right now, and it is a shame because we could be solving issues – even if it is just in our community.


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