Father of the Year Moment #482: A Father With Many Layers:

At the Father/Daughter Dance this weekend, I taught my youngest daughter:

The Cupid Shuffle,

The Words to “Brown Eye Girl”,

The “Cotton Eye Joe” Dance, and

How to two step to a country song.

She was impressed,

then sickened,

then indifferent,

then mortified (she tried to run as far away from the dance floor as possible).

Oh, little girl. We are both going to give each other a run for our money!


But… Why?!

The girls approach slowly approach Heather…

(Whispering) Go ahead and ask her.


Is this Dad?


You owe me fifty cents!

(Both Girls, with Shock and disbelief) But . . . I . . . I mean. . .

It’s him.

Ok, I believe it’s him. But WHY? 👨🏾‍🏫🏆


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