Reflection: Glad that’s Over! (2 years ago)

Top 10 reasons I fear for my life right now:

1. I am not pregnant.

2. I can sleep in whatever position I want.

3. I send my wife the weekly “Baby Center: Pregnancy this week” emails that I receive detailing the baby’s progress.

4. I coach football.

5. I breathe air.

6. When she is cooking and has a knife in her hand, I can feel her looking at me like, “Someday…:”

7. She takes my kids to their sporting events.

8. It is about that time in her pregnancy that I get hurt and need surgery.

9. Because we are due for a boy version of Claire.

10. Let’s face it, I am a Jackass.

Father of the Year Moment #264: The Classics are Always Better

*My eldest, thinking she is big shit after beating Super Mario Brothers Wii…

Me: Let’s see how great you are with the original Mario Brothers…

*Pandemonium ensues:

You have to go one at a time?

Wait, 3 lives and you start over?

I have to do all of that again?

Wait, you can’t go backwards?

What are the other powers (there are none)?

There is no ice power?

You can’t fly?

Why is he so blocky?

How’d you get in that secret area?

How do you know all this?

What the heck! Why did the mushroom go the other way?

I don’t like this.

“Shoe on the other foot” or “Walk a mile in her shoes”

I actually feel bad for this mother.

Hear me out.

Her son worked his ass off and received multiple scholarship offer to prestigious schools and picked one; obviously, on his own accord – a momentous occasion for any athlete.

But when ESPN shows this, they will only talk about his mother, who chose to walk out because of his decision.

I believe she was upset.

And now, because of her actions, she will have to live with the fact that her son will always be associated with her action.

I do not believe she did this to upstage her son.

I do not believe that she was mad at her son or was not proud of him.

And, I do not believe she fully understood the gravity of her actions.

And now, because of those actions, she will have to live with the fact that her son will always be associated with them.

In a perfect world, we would look past what happened and celebrate this man’s success. But it is not, and it is immortalized in social media; a media that will show whatever they want, and unfortunately, they will always show this clip.

After a while, he will not care, because he is her son and he will forgive her – just as any son would.

But, she will have to live with the fact that she has now made him “the guy whose mom walked out during his signing.”

And that is unfortunate for her.

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